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New Millennium heating & plumbing are an established and leading company in the professional Plumbing & heating sector. We provide a high quality plumbing service to private & commercial clients. We offer professional solutions to the environmentally conscience consumer, through our range of solar panels, wood chip burners & heat pumps, as well as the more tradition forms of heating via Gas, Oil & solid Fuel burners.


The landscape of heating & plumbing has changed. No longer is the consumer's options reduced to just solid & oil burning methods for heating their water and home. The range of options & methods are vast and for some people overwhelming, especially when it gets down to the technical information.With our experience in the field we can provide you with the relevant information and resources. We can provide your home with a solution that is viable, economic & cost effective. All done by the highly skilled professionals in the field. So call us today on 046 902 9379 for a estimate & evaluation to prepare your home for a Eco-friendly future!

Oldtown, Johnstown, Navan, Co Meath

TEL: 046 902 9379, FAX: 046 907 5719